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With over 20 years of experience, the second generation of the He (何) family now oversees the making of these Espadrilles. Each pair is handwoven using sustainable and natural materials like jute ropes and cotton. Ties between the He family and the artisans are almost kin-like, and everyone is treated like family. This shared warmth and hospitality naturally transpire into love and attention poured into every stitch and weave.

Espadrilles care

​Nature of espadrilles - every pair is handwoven using only jute (a natural fibre) to make the sole the traditional way. By its nature, uneven colour and fraying are expected.

Cleaning - Easy! To clean the espadrilles use a damp cloth or toothbrush dipped in detergent and warm water to remove dirt or stains. Avoid getting the jute soles wet or soaked in water. 

Care - All espadrilles have a slightly elevated rubber outsole, however, to best preserve them, avoid getting the jute ropes wet as much as possible

​Sizing and fit -  As with all handmade espadrilles, the fitting will feel snug initially and requires a few wears to break in before the canvas stretch to mould your feet perfectly and comfortably. 


Originating from Mexico, our Huarache leather sandals are intricately and carefully handwoven by our small team of local artisans made up of mostly stay-at-home mothers. Wearing multiple hats at home, they preserve this piece of shoe-making tradition that has spanned across multiple generations in Sahuayo, Michoacan. 

Huarache care

Leather care - We recommend airing the Huarache sandals after wearing them but avoid direct sunlight on the shoes.

Nature of Huarache - Each pair of the Huarache sandals are handwoven by a team of artisans using vegetable-tanned leather. Some markings, variations in colour, and fitting may be expected.

Sizing and fit - The fitting should feel snug initially and requires a few wears to break in before the leather softens and stretches to mould your feet perfectly and comfortably. 

Linen care

Washing - Hand wash is preferred, otherwise, place linen wear in a laundry bag before putting them in a washer on cool or normal temperature setting. Remove from washer once wash cycle is completed to avoid excessive creasing.

Drying - Avoid dryer. Hang flat to minimise creasing. 

Don't worry about the creases or wrinkles, they are part of the whole linen resort look! Enjoy the soft and airy touches of linen on your skin - that's not only great for you, but also a little better for our earth.